Bringing CES to the Bay: our 2020 event with the CTA

At Grishin Robotics, we love hosting events with startups, investors, and other organizations working in the consumer electronics industry to foster and build a greater community around Hardware. Hot off the heels of CES, we partnered with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for a special edition of our monthly series: Inside CES 2020: Trends in Hardware. At this special event, insiders discussed the biggest trends this year at CES, and brought the most exciting startup demos from CES to the Bay Area. We know that not everyone can make the trip from California to CES every year, so we wanted to bring our favorite CES 2020 picks directly to them.

The Grishin Robotics team hand-picked 14 startups from the show floor, hailing from all around the world to present their demos. Guests had the opportunity to get up-close and hands-on with the founders and their demos, ranging from skin-care treatments to teaching robots to holographic displays.

Eli Raber, the California director of CTA began the night with an overview of the biggest announcements and vision of the show, from companies both large and small.

Leaders in the hardware industry from Google, Oculus, and Softbank participated in a rare off-the-record fireside chat discussing their favorites from the show, and where they see the industry as a whole moving in the short- and long-term.

The night concluded with a rapid-fire pitch session, where the demoing startups introduced themselves to the entire crowd, spoke about their product and long-term visions, and invited audience members to learn more and see the demos first hand at their booths.

Startups presenting include:

Acouva: A new category of hearable with personalized sound profiles

aThing: Modular electronics that makes hardware design as easy as Legos

Brilliant Sole: Upgrading footwear for the connected world

Camect: Cross platform continuous recording and AI for all cameras, with privacy in mind

Emys: The friendly educational robot that teaches English

La Leur: The smart six-in-one skincare solution

Last GameBoard: digital, versatile, gameboard.

NeoSensory: A new way to experience sound-with touch.

Photonic Crystal: Bringing holograms to life with fully transparent projection displays

Pokit Innovations: The easy, portable, multimeter, oscilloscope, and logger.

QBoid: High-speed object detection and tagging

Roybi Robot: An AI-powered educational robot for language learning and STEM

TeraCube: The World’s first smartphone with a four-year warrenty

Trova: Personal smart and secure storage