Chris Koehler, CMO at Box, will be joining the team at Grishin Robotics as a Senior Advisor.

Grishin Robotics is proud to announce the newest addition to our senior advisor program, Chris Koehler. Chris is Chief Marketing Officer at Box, leading its Cloud Content Management platform which empowers enterprises to rethink how they work by securely connecting their people, information, and applications. Prior to his time at Box, he was the head of GTM and Product Marketing at Adobe focusing on Creative Cloud for enterprise. During his more than 10 year tenure at Adobe, he was responsible for driving digital innovation across the portfolio. Before Adobe, he was the VP of Product Management at Visual Sciences, where he was responsible for its on-demand and software product lines.

Chris holds a B.S. in Marketing from George Mason University, an MBA from Georgia State University, and was a graduate of the Harvard Business Analytics Executive Education Program.

At Grishin Robotics, our advisors are instrumental in guiding our decision making, as we expand our investment scope into new markets. They inform us with unique insight and foresight, and years of industry experience, as we design investment theses and do due diligence.

Our active senior advisors team include: Rob Caruso, Vice President at Netflix; Bertrand Schmitt, Co-Founder of App Annie; Shawn Tsao, Co-Founder of Caviar; and many others. As our senior advisor network grows, each connection grows more valuable, and we have already seen some advisors start new ventures from the knowledge they gained in our program or co-investing with us.

We are excited to have Chris join our team, and look forward to continuing to grow this program.