Gianfranco Cordara, VP of Global Operations at Disney joins Grishin Robotics team as a Senior Advisor

We are proud to announce that Gianfranco Cordara, Vice President of Global Operations at Disney, is joining the Senior Advisor Team at Grishin Robotics to help us track new trends and opportunities as hardware and media become more closely intertwined.

Gianfranco started his career as a journalist and scriptwriter, mainly for Disney Comics, with more than 100 stories published for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Later he led the team that launched the first and websites, and then worked in television as story editor, with the (still) most successful miniseries in the history of Italian television, “Pope John XXIII”.

Later Gianfranco launched the Disney Digital Network internationally, the sum of all Disney owned-and-operated websites, as well as their social handles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). In 2018 he was asked to create the Global Content Operations team for Disney+ and contribute to the successful launch of the platform globally.

As part of the Senior Advisor Team Gianfranco will be instrumental in guiding our research and decision making in the increasingly complex media ecosystem. Grishin Robotics is committed to building and contributing to a community of entrepreneurs in the consumer sector and we are proud to continue to grow our extensive network of active and experienced advisors.