Keith Adams, ex-Chief Architect at Slack, joins our team of Senior Advisors

Keith brings his unique vision and expertise in engineering and growing consumer social apps.

Keith is a technologist and early-stage investor. He was Chief Architect of Slack, from 2016 to 2020, where he was busy improving Slack's performance, reliability, and efficiency through an ongoing period of hypergrowth in usage and team size. His previous engineering career includes long, early stints at VMware, where he was the 20th engineer, and Facebook. He's interested in expanding the range of problems that computing can address.

Keith is a founder of the HipHop Virtual Machine, the PHP engine that powers Wikipedia, Facebook, Baidu, and Slack. He holds 11 US patents in virtualization, machine learning, and programming language implementation, and is co-author thor of a citation classic in virtualization(