Rob Caruso, Vice President of Netflix, is joining our Senior Advisor Program

Grishin Robotics is proud to announce that Rob Caruso, Vice President of Netflix, is joining Senior Advisor Program at Grishin Robotics to help us track new trends and opportunities as hardware and media become more closely intertwined.

Rob is Vice President of Device Partnerships at Netflix, responsible for enabling the Netflix streaming on a cornucopia of consumer electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, and direct integrations into Smart TVs. Rob engages with global device and platform partners to ensure that Netflix is available on as many devices as possible in support of Netflix’s continued growth. As part of this role, Rob is also responsible for defining and delivering the Netflix experience as it pertains to interacting with the partner devices.

Prior to joining Netflix in 2013, Rob served as Vice President of Digital Products at HBO where he led product and engineering teams for HBO GO. Rob has over 20 years of experience in scaling large B2C Internet-based solutions from media to e-commerce having held positions at IMG Digital Media, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers throughout his career. He holds a Master’s of Science in Information Systems from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, and a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD.

As part of the Senior Advisor Program Rob will be instrumental in guiding our research and decision making in the increasingly complex media ecosystem. Grishin Robotics is committed to building and contributing to a community of entrepreneurs in the consumer sector and we are proud to continue to grow our extensive network of active and experienced advisors