Venture Scout Program Expands to the UK, Empowering Startup Founders in London

Introducing the Inaugural Cohort of Venture Scouts in the United Kingdom!

"This accomplished group of professionals, including founders and angel investors, has successfully completed our program. We are proud to partner with them in discovering new investment opportunities."

The expansion of our Venture Scout program to the UK was a strategic decision driven by our keen observation of the growing startup ecosystem in London. As one of the world's leading financial and technological hubs, London has become an increasingly attractive destination for entrepreneurs and innovators. More and more talented founders are choosing London to start their companies, creating a vibrant ecosystem of startups.

Recognizing this trend, we firmly believe that by extending our program to the UK, we can empower these aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary resources, connections, and support  they need to succeed. We believe that the Venture Scout program can play a pivotal role in fostering strong relationships between our fund and founders, help them with raising capital, and building valuable connections.

Similar to our program in the United States, the Venture Scout program in the UK is built on two key pillars. First, our comprehensive curriculum and educational sessions, led by our investment team, cover various topics in venture capital. This ensures that our Venture Scouts have a solid understanding of the industry and the skills needed to navigate the investment landscape.

Second, the program fosters a unique community where participants can learn from and share experiences with each other. This sense of community is invaluable in the world of venture capital, as it allows Venture Scouts to tap into a network of like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and collaborate on investment opportunities.

We are excited to continue expanding our community of talented individuals, and we look forward to sharing the graduates of the inaugural cohort of Venture Scouts in the UK. They have demonstrated exceptional dedication, knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit throughout the program, and we are truly privileged to be working with them and have them as part of our growing community of investment professionals.

If you are interested in joining our program, we encourage you to apply for the upcoming cohort here. Whether you are a founder looking for capital and support, or an angel investor seeking to broaden your network and gain valuable skills, the Venture Scout program offers an excellent opportunity to thrive in the dynamic world of venture capital.

Here are the graduates of the inaugural cohort of Venture Scouts in the UK. Congratulations and welcome to our community of forward-thinking investment professionals.

Taha Abulmagd Sr. Product Manager at Eat App. Superpowers: Analytics; Team Management; Product Strategy.

Shobhit Arjwani Sr. Product Manager at Amazon. Superpowers: Tech, Analytics, and Digital landscape. Experience in working across domains with top tech firms and building products to solve business needs.

Nimit Bhardwaj Product Manager at Booking. Superpowers: I've worked with more than 200 clients over the last 5 years. It gave me a very diverse set of experiences under the belt that I can leverage for my future endeavors. It helps me understand what clients want and how they think.

Georgia Diaconescu Marketing Lead at Canva. Superpowers: Value proposition design; Clarifying the product-market fit and the steps in between; Positioning tactics; Product marketing fundamentals for seed-level.

Oussama Elbouzi Product Manager at Amadeus. Superpowers: Product Management; Building MVP.

Matthew Ellinger Sr. Product Manager at Yelp. Superpowers: Product management, specifically building and proving out 0 to 1 products quickly.

Farah Ereiqat Co-Founder at Cusp Impact, Angel Investor. Superpowers: I've spent the last few years building up my product expertise and can help startups think through product development.

Nady Ghanem Product and Growth Marketing Manager at YouTube. Superpowers: Growth, negotiation skills, and a diverse background on a personal and professional level.

Alex Jundi Strategy and Operations Lead at FarmLend. Superpowers: I have a strong understanding of marketplace business models and cohort modeling.

Daniel Markovits Creators and Community Manager at LinkedIn. Superpowers: Media, content & community; High EQ (with an innate ability to connect with people); I can adapt and read the room pretty well; Connecting the dots and thinking in counterintuitive ways; Charisma and positivity (this has allowed me to attract people & opportunities).

Kristina Poluyanova Sr. EMEA Product Marketing Manager, ACS at Autodesk. Superpowers: Construction technology (cloud computing, drone technology, digital twin, robotics, lean construction etc); public speaking, GTM , competitive intelligence, complex cross-team project management, customer-facing collateral.

Aashima Praveen Associate Director at Bumble. Superpowers: Building relationships and working effectively with high performing individuals; Product led growth; GTM market strategy; brand & product positioning and lifecycle experimentation for delivering 0-1, 1-100 scale in consumer tech marketplaces.

Varija Raj Product Manager at CREOATE. Superpowers: Decision making in ambiguity; Cross-sector expertise in E-Commerce, Fintech , AI, IOT; Expansive networks in London (LBS, Product , Women in Tech , Industry leader mentors, Women founders).

Zubin Ray Product Manager at Revolut. Superpowers: Evaluating a product now and extrapolating it to the future to see whether it has a good chance of achieving product-market fit + what it will need to get to it; The technical maturity of an approach and whether its well done or a hack, also if its that important to success or not.

Stelio Ropokis Product Manager at Spotify. Superpowers: Product sense: synthesizing large amounts of information about user behavior, industry, products, trends, competitors, and goals; Storytelling & framing: communicating a compelling vision for a new strategy or product idea.

Henry Seabright Product Manager at Deliveroo. Superpowers: I have experience working in the ticketing, B2B Fintech (cross-border transactions and FX), food delivery, and equity crowdfunding space.

Shelly Yanushpolsky Group Product Manager at Meta. Superpowers: Operating large teams towards successful outcomes; Execution rigor and practices; crisp communications.

Kai Zhou Sr. Product Manager at GoDaddy. Superpowers: Product development, product analysis and AI.

Angelo Zylyftari Product Growth at Meta. Superpowers: Recognizing lies and whether a founding team works in synergy; Technical (hardware and software) knowledge; Ideation and brainstorming.

Fausya Amalh Product Manager at Spotify. Superpowers: Hustling; Breaking down things; Networking.

Matteo Izzi Sr. Product Manager at Ocado Technology. Superpowers: Understanding consumer behavior; Product development; Growth Mindset.

If you are interested in joining the program and becoming part of the next generation of entrepreneurs and angel investors, please apply here.