Welcome The New Generation of Angel Investors and Venture Scouts

We are thrilled to announce the graduation of the 9th cohort of Venture Scouts!

This group of 21 talented professionals, angel investors, and founders have successfully completed our program, and we are extremely proud to partner with them in finding new investment opportunities.

At its core, the Venture Scout program is all about building strong relationships and bridges between our fund and founders. Our program's success so far can be attributed to two key pillars. First, our comprehensive curriculum and educational sessions, which are led by our investment team, covers various topics in venture capital. Second, the program fosters a unique community where participants can learn from and share experiences with each other.

For founders, Venture Scouts are invaluable partners in helping raise capital and building connections. For angel investors or those interested in breaking into the VC industry and building a strong portfolio of investments, our program offers an excellent opportunity to acquire new skills and broaden their networks.

Our Venture Scout program is free and remote, providing accessibility to anyone based in the US or UK. 

We are excited to continue expanding our community of talented individuals, and we look forward to sharing the graduates of the 9th cohort of Venture Scouts.

If you are interested in the program, please apply for the 10th cohort here.

Here are the graduates of the 9th cohort and we are proud to call them our Venture Scouts. We are truly privileged to be working with them and have them as part of our growing community of investment professionals. 

Aleria Perry Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Meta. Aleria has over 10 years of strategy and marketing experience across sectors including technology, consumer products, and e-commerce. Most recently, she has worked for a large technology platform, gathering insights and recommending successful GTM strategies to drive adoption and bring new products to market.

Alina Crouch Solutions Engineer at Retool. Alina is a graduate of Harvard, where she obtained her B.A. in Government. She has worked within several competitive client-facing professions: Corporate Law, Finance, Customer Success, and now Solutions Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, writing poetry, learning languages, attending boutique workout classes, and finding the perfect Negroni.

Ben Gruber Head of Product at Rocketplace. Ben is Head of Product at Rocketplace, a next generation investment platform for crypto assets. He previously led Product Growth for Facebook Marketplace, Stories, and Reels at Meta. Ben is an active advisor to early stage tech companies and has been making angel investments since 2019, focused on consumer apps, fintech, marketplaces and crypto.

Bhargav Manikonda Director of Product Management at Walmart. Bhargav is a product manager with over 10 years of experience and an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University. Presently, he is a Director, PM at Walmart, where he is responsible for the end-to-end returns customer experience for Walmart stores and Walmart.com. He enjoys building products and enhancing customer experiences by solving their problems.

Devin Picciolini Head of Product at Total Health Dental Care. Devin is a skilled Product Development Leader with a background in engineering and product management. With experience at Facebook and Total Health Dental Care, he has a proven track record of building high-performing teams and delivering innovative products. As Head of Product and CTO at Total Health Dental Care, Devin has significantly impacted company growth and enhanced patient experience. With his diverse skillset and experience, Devin is dedicated to driving innovation across various industries.

Doreen Xu VP at Crescent Cove Advisors LP. Doreen is currently a VP at a growth-stage tech investment fund but her true passion lies in identifying promising companies in the early stage and advising them along the way, which she has done in angel investing. She is based in SF and love biking, hosting things, and traveling in her free time.

Elie Nabushosi Sr. Product Manager at NerdWallet As a former Division I college athlete, Elie has always been drawn to taking on big challenges. After starting a failed startup, he pivoted to become a strategy consultant at Accenture. With Accenture being his day job, he founded an angel fund called Velos Ventures to help support other entrepreneurs. Today, he is a senior product manager at NerdWallet, where he brings his passion for innovation and problem-solving to help people make smarter financial decisions. He is currently excited about his new adventure learning software engineering in a six-month coding bootcamp.

Emily O'Brien Founder at Stealth Startup. In the past, Emily has been a founder (Cherry YCW19), Director of Product (Carbon Health), Engineer (GIPHY, Refinery29, etc.) + designer (misc.). Currently she is in the early stages of building something new to help parents find the best things to do with their kids nearby. She lives in NYC with her husband and a two year old son.

Ishan Tyagi Product Manager at Wayfair. Ishan is an experienced Product Manager with experience in product management, growth, and analytics. In his current role, Ishan is leading discovery for Generative AI use-cases for growth initiatives and developing innovative products to drive user acquisition. As a Venture Advisor for Alumni Ventures Group, Ishan scouts and prepares investment memos for startups in various sectors. He earned his MS in Business Analytics from Columbia University and holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Outside of work, Ishan volunteers as a Product Lead for Climate Minds, a non-profit climate-tech organization and enjoys playing squash in his free time.

Jason Cui Cofounder and Co-CEO at Jemi. Jason co-founded Jemi in April 2020 over a passion of helping the next generation of creators. He was named Forbes 30 under 30 in consumer technology in 2021. Before Jemi, Jason came from a background in product management, having worked at companies like Uber, Hulu, and Livingsocial. He grew up in Northern Virginia and received his BA in computer science from Harvard University.

Jason Wong Product Manager at Anduril. Jason is a Product Manager and engineer making complex software platforms and AI products easy to use. He loves helping startups grow by turning ideas into reality quickly. Currently building a software platform for autonomous systems. Previously developed self-driving cars at Uber. Jason is passionate about investing in and advising early-stage startups that create disruptive technologies to improve the human experience. Current angel investor and continually interested in exploring the startup space to support great founders and new ideas.

Joseph Lipshutz Product Manager at WhatsApp. Joe is a product manager at WhatsApp. While at Meta, he has also worked on projects involving Instagram, the metaverse, and machine learning. Previously, Joe was an officer in the US Army, where he worked in satellite intelligence. His work interests include design thinking, AI/ML, mental health, human-computer interaction, and defense. Joe lives in NYC. Outside of work, he can be found doing yoga, enjoying the outdoors, and trying to become less bad at pottery.

Matthew Cheng Technical Program Manager at Google. Matthew is a technical program manager at Google, specializing in consumer hardware and software. Previously, he founded Alexandria, an art marketplace connecting artists with gallery owners and collectors. Currently, Matthew leverages his experience by advising fellow founders in the Columbia Startup Lab network, while also building a development shop to help bring their visions to life.

Matthew Schurman Growth Product Manager at Meta. Matt has recently graduated from the Rotational Product Manager program at Meta and is now a PM working in monetization for business messaging. Before that he worked across various startups and industries while he attended Arizona State University. Working in the tech startup space gave Matt a passion for building new technologies and solving people's problems.

Megna Narasimhan Product Partnerships at Nova Credit. Megna is a Product Partnerships Lead at Nova Credit, a B2B2C fintech startup. She has a background in both early-stage & late-stage investing and she is passionate about industries that intersect business and impact, such as climate and fintech.

Puneet Tandon Angel Investor. Puneet is a customer-focused VP/GM and angel investor with a 20+ year track record of delivering pioneering customer experiences, leading global teams, and scaling companies while negotiating strategic partnerships/ acquisitions, and delivering sustainable growth for disruptive innovators including Amazon, Zomato, Redfin, Jawbone, and T-Mobile. Angel investing and startup CEO mentoring across sectors including functional AI/ML, enterprise + vertical SaaS, tech-enabled consumer services, and more.

Sherry Chen Founder at Nirva Labs. Deeply passionate about robotics and AI, Sherry is an early team member at Chef Robotics, working on automation solutions to reduce the cost of fresh food for all. She’s also Founder of Nirva Labs where she raises awareness about climate robotics solutions to encourage more people to join this field. She has worked on autonomous robots at Nuro and UPenn, and published a paper at the world’s largest robotics conference. She's excited to help with investment decisions with her background in AI.

Shyam Bhojwani Director of Business Technology at Workato. Shyam has been leading IT and Security Organizations for over 10+ years. He has built teams focused on seamless and secure Employee Experience with an automation first mindset. He has led teams across different industries ranging from Wall Street Financial Tech Services where he worked at Investment Technology group (acquired by Virtu Financial Services) and later worked at the tech fitness eCommerce company Peloton Interactive Inc. He currently works as the Director of Employee Experience & Security Operations at Workato Inc, the integration automation platform.

Stephanie Wong Product Manager at Google Cloud. Stephanie Wong is an award-winning speaker, engineer, product manager, and founder of How They Make Money on Youtube. She leads generative AI product efforts at Google Cloud, after being the Head of Developer Engagement. At Google, she created 500+ developer videos, blogs, and podcasts supporting product GTM. Stephanie began angel investing to develop her thesis across enterprise software, consumer hardware, and creator economy tooling. She’s active in her community, fiercely supporting women in tech via coaching and live events.

Audrey Yong Sr. Product Manager at TikTok. Audrey currently works on building social products in the tech industry. Prior to joining TikTok and Amazon, she was at Wharton for MBA and worked in Investment Banking and Private Equity Investing for years. She is passionate about investing, building, and connecting with the team!

If you are interested in joining the program and becoming part of the next generation of entrepreneurs and angel investors, please apply here.