Welcoming Zouhair Belkoura, Senior Advisor

We welcome Zouhair Belkoura, co-founder and CEO of Keepsafe Software, the leading software provider of tools that enable consumers to take more control of their privacy. Zouhair is joining the team as Senior Advisor, helping us track new consumer and digital trends, and identifying promising investment opportunities.

Zouhair founded Keepsafe in San Francisco in 2012 and has since then, with a small team, grown it into a truly significant consumer company with over 80 million users worldwide. Keepsafe was one of the pioneers in mobile privacy, as well as in the consumer subscription space.

Prior to Keepsafe, he was a Product Manager at Kii Corp and a co-founder of Enamora, a leading  e-commerce business in his native Germany.

Zouhair holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from TU Berlin and an MEng from Imperial College, London. He is an avid surfer who builds his own watercraft.

The Senior Advisor program brings on visionary founders and thought leaders into the Grishin Robotics family. We are excited to add Zouhair to the team to help steer our future investment strategy in the Consumer space.